St. John Vianney Parish History

St. John Vianney is planning a renovation to update our parish, Click here for more information

St. John Vianney Parish was established on September 28, 1979 by Bishop Francis F. Reh.

For the first four years, the community was housed in the P.A.C. of the Diocesan Center.

Ground breaking for the new Parish Center was held on May 8, 1982.  Service in the new Parish were held for the first time on February 5, 1983.

The Parish Center was dedicated by Bishop Kenneth Untener on May 22, 1984.  Classrooms, a Gathering Area, and expanded worship space were completed for Easter 1996.

In 2013 the Diocese of Saginaw, under the direction of Bishop Joseph R. Cistone, began parish studies to prepare for mergers and consolidation of resources. St. John Vianney Parish remained a stand alone parish. 

The Diocese of Saginaw has utilized the service of Pastoral Administrators for over twenty years. Pastoral Administrators are appointed by the Bishop to oversee the pastoral needs and administration of a parish.  A priest is appointed to take care of the sacramental needs of a parish.

History of  Pastoral Leadership at St. John Vianney Parish:

1979 – 1988         Rev. John O’Callaghan

1988 – 1997         Rev. Dale Orlik

1997 – 2008         Rev. Loren M. Kalinowski

2008 – 2013         Rev. James Carlson

2013 – present     Sr. Janet Pewoski, CSJ (Pastoral Administrator)
                                  Rev. William J. Rutkowski (Sacramental Minister)