Christian Outreach Committee

The Christian Outreach Committee is committed to serving the community with monthly collections, community service and education of the various community organizations.


Our committee would like to thank the parishioners of St. John Vianney for being so generous and spreading the Christian message by being the hands of Christ through our community service.


Committee Members:

Jan Zielinski


Rachel Westendorf

Cathy Agnew

Sue Dana

Cheryl Evangelista

Linda Stephen

Annette Card

David Rodriguez

Barb Chernow

Denise Kenny

Mary Patnode

Nancy Evans

Joan Neuerberg


Christian Outreach for 2018
Jan and Feb:1% Veteran’s Food Pantry
March and April: Beacon of  Hope: diapers, baby products and clothes
May: Migrant workers
June and July: Mustard Seed
August and September: Freedom House: house for refugees in Detroit
October: SS Peter & Paul Food Pantry

We are always looking for new organizations to support. If you know of any organizations that need help please call Jan Zielinski 754-5153.

If you are interested in joining our committee please call Jan Zielinski at 754-5153.