Wedding Information

Congratulations ! You’re getting married !

Please call the Parish Music Director for an appointment as soon as possible, so that she can assist you in coordinating the music for your ceremony and be assured that the proper arrangements have been made to make your wedding flow smoothly.
Roberta can be reached at : (989) 790-5086 parish office or through her email : .

Helpful Hints

  • When thinking of music that you would like for your ceremony, please remember that during the liturgy the music must follow the liturgical guidelines of the church. Music for your wedding sacrament should be faith based. Some appropriate secular music may be played or sung before the wedding ceremony, as long as it has been pre-approved by Roberta. If you are unsure of musical selections, Roberta has a wide variety of choices for you to choose from.
  • No Pre-recorded music will be allowed.
  • It is possible to have someone from outside the parish to participate in the music portion of the ceremony, but this MUST be discussed and approved by Roberta in advance and they should be familiar with the Catholic mass.
  • For your wedding ceremony you will need a Pianist or Organist AND a Cantor. Other musicians such as string players, guitars etc. can be used in the ceremony. The fees for the musicians and vocalists are separate from the church and should be discussed at your appointment with Roberta.

If you are searching on the WEB, may I suggest checking out this website for Catholic weddings. It is filled with wonderful information about music and other parts of the ceremony that may be very helpful to you. Click Here